You Can’t Go Wrong With Dr. Kroeker

After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer by a ENT, we research for the best thyroid Doctor listed in Austin .Dr Kroeker was listed very high as one of the best in this area of expertise. After a very detailed exam and explanation, we decided to have a total thyroidectomy. The results are exactly what was discussed with a total successful outcome. Dr. Kroeker treated me with great compassion the entire time we work with her in answering our countless questions putting us with total understanding and ease. She is  skilled and is very compassionate, caring and extremely competent. Even now after several weeks after my surgery she is still following up with my calcium levels  to insure that my body adjust to the removal of my thyroid. I would recommend Dr. Kroeker to anyone who has any thyroid concerns. You can’t go wrong with Dr. Kroeker.

James G.