Surgery Was Perfect And So Was Recovery

Dr Kroeker was recommended by our endocrenologist to remove my wife’s thyroid. It was an excellent recommendation! Our initial visit was exactly what my wife and I needed – comprehensive explanation of my wife’s condition, complete review of what would be done (including pictures and drawings!), answered all our concerns. We were not hurried through the process. And, the staff was very helpful and friendly.

So far, so good.  Then, came the surgery. Dr Kroeker came into the pre-op prep room and reviewed what would be done and any risks associated with the surgery. Including a chance for a condition called “hungry bone syndrome.”  The surgery was perfect and so was recovery. Only one overnight stay. And back home.

The next day, my wife developed symptoms of hypocalcemia and Dr Kroeker immediately had us return to the hospital. My wife had hungry bone syndrome. The remedy is constant monitoring and IV calcium and other minerals. My wife’s thyroid issue had depleted her bones and they were now sucking up all they found.  For the next eight days, Dr Kroeker was in constant contact with the hospital. And, she visited my wife all the time. Throughout this condition and after my wife left the hospital, Dr Kroeker continued to stay in touch via phone, email and text.

Today, 6 months or so later, my wife’s incision isn’t noticeable (unless you look hard).  I can’t be happier. And my wife is thankful for the care and attention by Dr Kroeker.

Jack M.