Best In Class For Sure

What a fantastic physician!!   Best in class for sure.  Back in October, I was referred to Dr. Kroeker for a Thyroid nodule…it turned out to be Stage 1 in the left lobe.   Dr. Kroeker’s pragmatic, informative view allowed us to look at options which enabled her to remove this lobe and keep the other.  As of today, this lobe is fully functioning.  Through this process, Dr. Kroeker was transparent and compassionate, allowing us to evaluate best options for my circumstances.  No rush…and with my best interest in mind.   To illustrate my point, as I was looking at surgery dates, she completely reshuffled her schedule to get me into surgery at the end of the year…yes, Dec 31st…to take advantage of my insurance deductible.  Is this incredible or what?  Since then, I have visited her office on several occasions, leaving with the confidence that her and her staff have my best interests at heart.  If you are faced with this type of challenge and Dr. Kroeker is an option, I would highly recommend her as the physician to manage your care

John M.