My Surgical Experience Was Flawless

I had parathyroid surgery in September 2016 and felt the need to write about my positive experience with Dr. Kroeker, because she is a compassionate, caring and extremely competent surgeon. Dr. Kroeker holds herself to a very high standard. She is extremely professional, highly relatable and embodies the personal warmth of an old fashioned country doctor. My surgical experience was flawless. The hospital staff attended to me as if I was the only patient with warmth, reassurance and kindness. Dr. Kroeker was very attentive to all of my post operative needs and was always available by phone to answer all of my questions and address any concerns once I returned home.

I must also mention that Dr. Kroeker’s office manager, Laurie, was such a pleasure to work with. Appointments were easily made, appointment reminders were sent, and most importantly, the paperwork was dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. I never had a logistics problem and all clerical issues were handled proficiently. Thank you Laurie.

Dr. Kroeker accepts Obama Care BXBSTX, however she was not listed as such on the BXBSTX website.

Emily S.