You do not need insurance to have thyroid or parathyroid surgery with Dr. Kroeker. The components of thyroid/parathyroid surgery costs are as follows: surgeon fee, hospital fee, anesthesia fee, and pathology fee. Dr. Kroeker will give you her surgeon’s cost, which includes everything: pre-operative visit, surgery, and post-operative visit. Lori, Dr. Kroeker’s office manager, will give you the resources you need to obtain other fees and will have a worksheet ready for you. Easy! And very reasonable considering the expert care you will be getting from Dr. Kroeker and her team.

If you do not need thyroid surgery or parathyroid surgery, you can still see Dr. Kroeker for a consultation and a biopsy of a thyroid nodule if needed. Lori will give you the cost of a consultation  +/- biopsy cost. The only additional fee would be for Dr. Kroeker’s cytopathologist to look at your thyroid biopsy, which is quite reasonable.