The thyroid is a rather mysterious part of the human body, but it has an immense impact on our overall health and wellness. Since thyroid diseases and illnesses can be difficult to diagnose, there are many common myths that surround them. With years of study, working closely with other thyroid specialists, and after hundreds of successful surgeries, Dr. Teresa Kroeker has seen and heard of all of these myths. In today’s blog, we’ll debunk some of these common myths so you have a more accurate picture of thyroid health.

You’ll Easily Recognize A Thyroid Problem

The thyroid plays a role in the functioning of our entire body, and the symptoms of thyroid disease can take on many different forms. In fact, these symptoms are shared with a variety of other diseases, or just your overall health and wellness. For instance, if you’re feeling lethargic and have dry skin, you might think that you’re not getting enough sleep or the right kind of nutrients, not that you could have hypothyroidism.

Only Older Women Develop Thyroid Disease

While there is a shred of truth in this myth, it’s still just that. Indeed, women are more prone to developing thyroid issues, especially as they age, thyroid issues are shared by men and women. Women are more likely to suffer from thyroid concerns because of the higher amount of estrogen present in their body. However, genetics and environmental factors can also play a role in whether you develop a thyroid disease or not.

Soy-Based Products Interrupt The Healthy Functioning Of Your Thyroid

This is an all or nothing myth that can be dispelled readily. While it has been shown that soy can affect the thyroid, it doesn’t mean that it completely shuts it off. Soy can, in large or frequent quantities, lower the absorption of thyroid hormones, especially if someone is taking a thyroid medication. But this is only an issue if the patient is eating immense amounts of soy around the same time as taking their medicine. If they eat reasonable amounts of soy, it will not affect their thyroid.

A Lump On The Throat Is A Sign Of Thyroid Disease

The threat of thyroid goiters leaves some worried about any small distension or protrusion in their throat. There are many things that can create lumps in and on your throat beside the thyroid. In some cases, it could be swollen lymph nodes or a cyst. However, if you notice a concerning lump that doesn’t seem to recede with time, it’s best to visit a thyroid specialist.

More Iodine Means Fewer Thyroid Problems

Your thyroid does need plenty of iodine to work properly, but for most Americans, they get an adequate amount of iodine in their regular diets. In fact, taking iodine supplements or increasing the amount of iodine in your diet can have an adverse effect on your thyroid health. Too much iodine and your thyroid can overdose and shut down.

Seek The Highest Quality Of Thyroid Care

Of course, dispelling myths is easiest when you first meet with a thyroid specialist. If you’re diagnosed with a serious thyroid health concern, it may be time to find a thyroid surgeon near you. Dr. Teresa Kroeker is proud to offer her experience and depth of knowledge to the Austin area. With hundreds of thyroid surgeries each year, Dr. Kroeker is one of the most accomplished and practiced thyroid and parathyroid surgeons in the field. If you are experiencing thyroid complications and need advanced surgical care, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kroker at the Texas Thyroid & Parathyroid Center today.